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Black Media Co., Ltd.  (also known as "Black") sets the new standard for international music, media, and entertainment.  Its core business includes a music recording label, television and film production, and talent management across music, television, film, and fashion.

The key differentiation and value proposition at Black is its innovative approach that bridges the local emerging markets of Asia and the international markets around the world.

For international artists who are already world famous, Black provides a means to generate new and signficant revenue streams by tapping Asian markets that normally go untapped by the western industry.  At most, such companies typically allocate meager distribution of media (such as CDs and DVDs) into these markets, but due to lack of focus and cultural expertise, they often ignore countless opportunities to further penetrate or dominate these geographic markets.  Black combines its local and international expertise to properly market and bring international talent to Asia.  

For artists in the Asian markets, Black identifies exceptional talent that can be developed and ultimately marketed at an international level.  Due to a nearly monopolistic industry, local Thai and Asian artists have had virtually no choice when seeking quality management.  As a result, they have been stuck with highly conservative and insular companies that do not know how to properly produce and market their talent.  This is extremely unfortunate for local artists who have the potential for international success, but whose ability is wasted by mismanagement.  In such cases, Black has the local and international expertise to properly take local talent to the international stage.

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