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Black Media Co., Ltd. was originally founded by brothers, Srawat "Sunny" and Surawat "Sam" Promyotin. Joining forces with Co-Founders, Eric Keith Low and musical protege, Jake Stockley, they would together, forge the core and foundation of the Black Media Corporate team. The four original founders still hold positions on the Board and are involved in executive planning and decision making while Sunny and Jake take the reigns with daily operations as CEO and Creative Director.

CEO & Founder

As Founder and CEO of Black Media Co., Ltd. Sunny has had an extremely positive outlook on the upcoming entertainment market in Asia and abroad. 

Prior to Black Media, Sunny spent over 10 years in the music industry in the United States. He started playing piano at the age of 16 and started playing professionally at the age of 17. Beginning with school concerts, smaller venues and opportunities, with the help of supportive family, friends and teachers, his exposure quickly spread throughout the Monterey Bay Area. Through that, he was blessed and lucky enough to meet Steven Spielberg. The rest after that is really history.

He started his career as a prolific artist and composer, performing with international legends such as Bill Berry (of the Duke Ellington Orchestra), Terry Miller (of Gladys Knight), Jimmy Le Pine (of the Bill Evans Trio), Glenn Spearman (of the Cecil Taylor Unit), Jessica Williams (Jazz Pianist Extraordinaire), Toots Thielman (Legendary Jazz and Blues Harmonica), Ralph Carnie (of the Tom Waits Band) and Anthony King (of Prince and Rosie Gaines). Eventually, Sunny migrated from performing to producing and spent the later part of his US career working with some of the world's top talents. In 1999, Sunny achieved the highest honor of performing for the birthday celebration of His Majesty the King of Thailand. This spectacular event was televised via satellite to more than 144 countries across the world.

Subsequent to performing years of sold-out shows and conducting expert-level music clinics at universities and schools across the country, Sunny went on to manage and produce. It would be at this time that Sunny took advantage of his opportunity to hone his skills to be the best Executive Producer he could be. At that time, he had no idea how this was going to become such an intergral part of his career as an prolific songwriter/artist.


Ahead of Sunny lies a great challenge and opportunity. His vision to change the Thai, Asian and International music market forever still remains a life-long goal to him. Eager and looking forward to what he and the Black Media team can bring to the world of music and entertainment, Sunny is ready on a both local and global front.

Corporate Culture

From an artist’s perspective, the color Black is defined as the combination of every color in the spectrum. This is very much so, the principle and motto in which we navigate our company and it’s goals. 


Many companies competing in the music and media industry live and die by the rule that they must choose a single genre and stay true to its chosen field. At Black Media Co., Ltd. we believe the absolute opposite. We consider ourselves curators to the public of art, music, media and anything that can inspire. Our prerequisite for any and all acquired talent is Quality. We do not discriminate against any musician, artist or genre. As long as said Artist exudes talent and honesty, we can work alongside any individual. 


The same principles can also be applied to the kind of projects we take on or partner with. First and foremost, Black Media and its team of innovative people are content creators. From Youtube shows, to television programming, cinematic score and number 1 radio hits, children’s books to graphic novels, you will find our forms of expression spanning across all mediums. Our producers are able to complete entire projects drawing from our own in-house talent, again largely due to our indiscriminating search for talent. It gives us the option to procure and create anything the mind and heart think possible.  


It is our mission and purpose to provide and create: talent, art, music, media, film and content that is rich in both quality and emotion. In an era where much expression is lost in "bubble gum" pop and gimmick talent, we aim to restore promise in what expression use to be. 





C​reative Director

Jake Stockley first joined the Black Media team in 2009. Since the age of 13, he studied under the appreticeship of Black Media’s very own CEO, Sunny Promyotin. Being virtually hand picked and precision groomed for the position of Creative Director, it was only inevitable that Jake would play such an important role in leading Black Media Co., Ltd. 


Prior to joining the Black Media team earlier in his musical career, Jake helped create the prodigy blues group, Blue Horizon. Sharing the stage with the likes of Tommy Castro and many others, this group opened the doors for him to play at some of San Francisco’s most prestigious venues, including The Great American Music Hall, Biscuits and Blues and Cafe Du Nord. Shortly after forming Blue Horizon, Jake was selected to play drums with the late great, San Francisco blues legend, Johnny Nitro.


When Jake arrived in Thailand, he immediately began writing and producing music for Thailand’s number one Rasta Queen, Zom Ammara. It would be while working with Zom and producing her next few projects, Jake would have the opportunity to perform at multiple concerts and shows in front of crowds amassing more than 300,000 people.

Taking to the stage with such greats as Diana King, Big Mountain and Inner Circle, Jake quickly established himself in the reggae music scene. Soon there after, he naturally expanded into the Hip Hop and R&B scene, producing for some of Asia’s most exclusive Hip Hop artists. Throughout his stay in Thailand, Jake appeared on numerous TV and radio shows and participated in the competitive reality show, SUP for Life. He also expanded his teaching philosophy to the classroom where he lectured at Assumption University on music appreciation. 


After working with Black Media for 5 years in Thailand, creating numerous hit songs for the top talent in Asia and helping Black Media finish production of their first full length film, Jake is now focusing on the company’s transition to the US market, while still maintaining a working presence in Asia.  


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